Incoming freshman looks back on orientation

Jessica Nunez/Contributing Writer

“F is for Florida, you already know! I is for Institution, International. U is for you and me, our university, so come on down to FIU and be a panther with me” were the words that were stuck with me for a whole week. My orientation experience was way different than what I expected it to be, since I did not expect to be excited to go back to school and start college.

When the orientation day began, I was quite disappointed that we were being split into groups by major as none of my friends from high school had my same major. However, I found that to be a blessing in disguise because it allowed me to break out of my comfort zone and talk to others who were entering the same major and potentially the same field as me. Needless to say, I made some new friends.

Going to orientation, I did not expect to see so much FIU spirit, but I was totally wrong. The peer advisors all had such love and excitement for our school that it made me fall in love with it too. I really enjoyed the activities that were planned throughout the day, such as the trivia night that had a “Panther Camp” ticket as the prize. The skits were also an important part of the day as, even though they showcased some touchy topics such as rape and drugs, they started an important conversation amongst the groups.

On the more academic side, I thought the seminars were informational. Being that I want to become a lawyer, I attended the “pre-law” seminar and it was eye-opening because it made me realize there were some things that I did not know about—such as the fact that I should already start studying for the LSAT (cries). However, one thing I did not like was that all of the seminars were during the same time because even though I want to be a lawyer, I also want to study abroad and it would have been helpful if I could have attended both sessions. Also, those who are undecided between two different paths do not have the chance to visit both seminars.

That being said, though it was not perfect, I loved orientation! It made me feel welcomed and want to become involved. Special shout out to my peer advisor for answering all my questions, and for her great energy throughout both days. And to group 32, we really are the most lit crew. GO PANTHERS!

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