Incorporate past styles for optimum summer looks

Megan Mosquera/Staff Writer

Miami natives are no strangers to the humidity, rain and insufferable heat that dominate our summers, let alone year. That being said, your outfits don’t have to suffer with you.  

There’s an expectation for people to drop all winter, fall and spring clothes in exchange for tank tops and shorts, but that’s unnecessary. There are tons of possible combinations through altering styles and textures, so it’s always important to incorporate as many unique pieces as possible.

Obviously it’s not necessary to pull out the Uggs, but some boots can be integrated. Clear plastic boots for example are a cool addition to a graphic shirt dress. If you are looking for something less avant garde, a simple pair of ankle boots could play up an outfit. A personal favourite however, is rainboots. I love the stiff look of tall black rain boots with shorts, dresses, or even skirts because it gives a natural yet practical approach to an outfit.

Another interesting addition to a summer wardrobe are long sleeved shirts. While it may seem taboo while it’s hot, there are breathable fabrics that provide a lot of comfort without overheating. Pair it with shorts and sandals and it makes an outfit much more chic while still casual.

Finally, bathing suits are now more diverse than ever. Shoppers are welcomed with a variety of options at any store, regardless of body type. One pieces have now become fashion forward and my personal favourite. Because of its body sculpting nature opt for a black one that is raised at the sides so that legs look longer. Patterned ones are also pretty and provide a warm feeling, without any of the sweat.

Bikinis themselves are different too. Now there are high waisted bottoms, tube tops, cropped shirt types and just an array of mixed combinations. I suggest a solid colored top or bottom of any kind mixed with a similar patterned top. However, there is a lot of unique fun to be found in uniform bikinis because they bring out color in a person’s skin tone.

There are also trends to continue following like gingham and Hawaiian shirts. Thrifted graphic shirts continue to be a closet staple that remain attractive. These classic finds can be paired with a bathing suit and ripped jeans for an outfit that’s ready to explore the sunshine.

It’s important to understand this summer that body positivity is necessary. It promotes love and support for one another in a place where many need it most. Body dysmorphia and insecurity about one’s physical appearance, is still a serious issue for tons of people. Keep in mind that everyone is beautiful, and that compliments really do go a long way. Everyone’s body is a beach body.


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