Miami duo SigFig ready to perform at this years Summerfest

Gabriella Pinos/Staff Writer

Summerfest 2018 is just around the corner, and it’s shaping up to be bigger and better than any other year. And while there won’t be any foam this time around, local EDM duo SigFig is still expecting the festival to be as crazy as ever.

Under the SigFig name, Alexander Macia and James Vazquez have created music together since December 2017, performing their remixes and original tracks around Miami. They take musical inspiration from different genres, from San Holo to Snoop Dogg to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

“We’re very, very versatile,” said Macia. “We have bass house tracks, future bass tracks, trap – we’re going everywhere.”

The duo started out their musical careers as solo artists, joining forces after Vazquez saw Macia’s set at Life in Color, an electronic dance music festival in Miami, last year. After messaging each other on Twitter about their music, they instantly hit it off, according to Macia.

“[It went] from DMs to long-term goals together,” said Vazquez.

Macia and Vazquez had a passion for music that began early in life, but their love for EDM began when their brothers introduced the genre to them. After that, both self-taught themselves to produce music in their teenage years.

The road that followed was bumpy and hard, according to Macia, but despite the workload and competition, SigFig remained determined to put their passion at the center of their lives.

“I put music in front of everything,” said Macia. “I know if I keep on, at the end of the day, it’s all going to pay off. I’m very confident in that.”

Their recent success at a gig in Club Space, where they DJ’ed along with artists such as Nonsens and Bonnie X Clyde, has also helped fuel that confidence for the future of SigFig. The duo is certain that they will go far in music, which, according to Vazquez, has always been their calling.

“At the end of the day, it’s what we love to do, so we’re just always going to end up doing it somehow,” said Vazquez. “I think because of that alone, in the past five months, it’s the only reason why we’ve grown so much.”

SigFig’s 45-minute performance at Summerfest will be witnessed by one of their largest crowds yet. With a bigger lineup, bigger stage and bigger promotion, the festival is expected to top last year by a long shot. This is also the first year Summerfest has included local artists – SigFig and DJ Trapia – in their lineup, which the duo believes can help locals get much-needed exposure.

“It’s cool that they’re opening their horizons to let people in,” said Vazquez. “There’s a lot of talent, and being able to see that talent come out and play is dope.”

The duo plan to perform their entire arsenal of music on Thursday, July 12, including tracks from their recently released EP, “No Signal,” and, of course, Spanish music, during their opening set. They hope their performance will, like Summer Fest 2018, exceed the audience’s expectations.

“It’s definitely going to leave people like, ‘These guys are locals?’” said Vazquez.


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