Renovations planned for Engineering Center

By: Ryan Soriano/Contributing Writer


The newly formed Engineering Campus Council is planning on renovating the Engineering Center.

Angela Hogan, the president of the ECC, told Student Media many of the renovations will create a better campus experience for those who take classes at the engineering center. Hogan said that they are discussing the plans with Elizabeth Naranjo, the manager of administrative services for the College of Engineering and Computing.

Hogan and Julio Herrera, secretary of the ECC, said that part of the renovations will involve redesigning the first floor lobby to become a more collaborative workspace. This will include removing the current lounge furniture and installing extended tables to provide a better space for students to work, study, or relax.

“We are trying to make it better for the engineering and computing campus and have a better campus life or student life instead of like in the past where you come, go to school and study,” said Herrera. “It’s the little things like a place to relax that help you in you future plans that start here at EC.”

The EC building is elevated, which means there is outside space available underneath the building. Currently, most of this space is unavailable for use by students and is instead being used for parking, storage, and roadways. The renovations will open up that space and create an area that will be open to student organizations to work on projects.

These renovations and others will start to form in a few years time as the ECC develops according to Hogan and Herrera.

The ECC is a recently formed committee after efforts from former engineering campus senators, including former engineering senator Francesca Riccio-Ackerman.

Before the ECC, the Student Government Association allotted approximately $1,000 for all engineering campus activities. Senators like Riccio-Ackerman advocated for the Engineering campus to have its own council to advocate for more funding for activities and other services needed at EC. Hogan said that this council will help to make a better college experience for engineering students.

“At EC, we really want to foster that learning environment and that campus life environment. We want all aspects of it. We want students to have a good academic space, a nice place to study but also to have an area to relax.”, Hogan said.

Students can get involved with the ECC by submitting suggestions into bins placed around EC.


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