University named “Great College to Work For” for third year

By: Xavier Holloway/Staff Writer


The University has been named a “Great College to Work For” by the Chronicle of Higher Education for the third year in a row, and a party was held to celebrate the honor.

                                                              FIU cheerleaders helped welcome all who came to the event

Outside of FIU’s Wellness & Recreation Center, University President Mark B. Rosenberg approached a glass podium on Wednesday, July 18, under the echo of applause, to deliver a speech to faculty members.  

“Thank you all for being here.  Thank you all for daring to celebrate the good things that happen at this incredible university. This is a great college to work for,” said Rosenberg.

The University has been given this designation twice before, and it is awarded to universities by the Chronicle based on employee ratings from a survey administered to administration, faculty and staff asking about their school. After tallying the results from colleges nationwide, the Chronicle decides which schools receive the designation.

FIU faculty, staff and students gathered at the South Entrance of the WRC for snacks, drinks, and raffle prizes at the event.

                                                           Attendees participated in raffles and games hosted by shop FIU

Rosenberg’s speech focused on the students and faculty at the University and how they are the reason for FIU’s success in past years, including the honor roll designation and the second place ranking by the state Board of Governors.

Rosenberg did not shy away from more somber topics, as he mentioned the pedestrian bridge collapse that occurred on Thursday, March 16, and asked for a moment of silence in honor of the victims.

“This recognition is particularly meaningful,” said Rosenberg. “During this past year we have faced many, many of the most serious challenges, any institution could ever face.  I want to thank you for being FIUStrong.”

After thanking all faculty and staff again, Rosenberg concluded with a message about belief, dedication and purpose.

                                              Drinks were provided for a toast by President Rosenberg to the University

“To make sure that we are the number one institution not in just this community, not in just this state, but in this country,” he said. “Thank you very much.  Congratulations FIU!”


Photos taken by Carmella Jimenez/PantherNOW

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