Interracial relationships should not be stigmatized in black community

Amanda Bazil/Staff Writer

Are we still getting upset over people’s romantic preferences in 2018? I’m afraid so.

Recently, actor Michael B. Jordan, who played Erik Killmonger in “Black Panther,” has been under fire for his supposed preference for non-black women.

Although the backlash has exploded since the film’s release, interracial relationships have always been a taboo subject in black communities.

I assume other groups hold their own negative prejudices and ideals, but for the sake of the actor being prosecuted, we’ll focus on the black perspective.

The truth is, the adverse effects of slavery has made dating a complicated matter in our post-slavery society, and it’s deeper than identifying the next black celeb as a “sellout” or “self-hater.”

Many blacks seem to feel obligated to “stick to their own” because they feel a sense of loyalty to one’s community, especially considering their role and treatment throughout U.S. history.

This includes matters dealing with personal choices, like who you choose to love.

Thanks to many black cinemas, you see exactly how sistas and brothas alike receive crap for their dating choices.

Some prime examples to look at include Sanaa Lathan’s character in “Something New” and Sean Patrick Thomas’ character in “Saved the Last Dance.”

In both films, friends and families didn’t bother to hide their disdain for the character’s choices, discouraging and adding more conflict to each character’s long list of problems to go through.

It seems as if we’ve collectively made up our minds that if your significant other isn’t black, then you’re sleeping with the enemy.

But that ideology is not only toxic, it’s damaging. It aids in crippling our community, not bettering it.

You see, as a people, we still have some wounds that haven’t been properly healed due to slavery. Systemic racism, which is very much alive and thriving today, is an obvious culprit as to why these wounds are still felt today.

But we didn’t witness the famous Loving v. Virginia case just to go back on our freedoms and wallow in narrow-mindedness and ignorance.

Interracial relationships often get stifled because of existing or even pre-existing racial tensions. But as a firm believer of the late and great Dr. Martin Luther King, we must understand that “darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

We shouldn’t allow ourselves to harbor animosity towards others and let it seep into other aspects of our lives.

Just because you’ve encountered a few negative experiences from a particular person doesn’t mean his/her group is the same way and should be crossed completely out of your life.

If you can’t get with that, that’s cool just don’t scorn others for choosing to live differently. It just adds more fuel to a deadly fire we’re trying to extinguish as people.

I know this will sound cheesy, but being able to love someone beyond borders, beyond their cultural morals and values, shows a level of depth and understanding that draws a richer meaning to the romantic word.

Love is a universal emotion that bridges gaps, forges miracles, and fosters humanity as we know it. It can be seen in many shapes and forms, but should equally respected as so.

So the next time you see a brotha with a latina on his arm, or a sista with Ishaan or Muhammad, don’t throw shade and transfer all that hate it’s not needed.

Appreciate the love and just keep it moving.



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  1. This is complete garbage. Interracial dating DOES NOT HELP OUR COMMUNITY IT DESTROYS IT! This has to be some liberal fool who wrote this garbage article. They want heterosexual Black men reproducing with everyone except our own woman MAYBE IF THEY DIDN’T ADVERTISE IT EVERYWHERE THEN I’D SAY IT’S NOT A PROBLEM FOOL But it’s a major problem. Me bringing home a white woman is telling my Sisters that looking like us is not my preference a race full of beautiful Black woman who are the most single woman on the planet an you think interracial dating is not a problem? You . Stop trying to push this globalist garbage on us of let’s all hold hands an be 1 that will not happen. To save our People we need to tell the truth as blunt as it is, nut people like you need to truly stop having a damn opinion.

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