FIU Student Media contributed to my personal growth

By: Caroline Lozano

I can still remember my first day of college, and the feelings of anxiety and self-doubt that came with it. At the time, I was a recent high school graduate, unsure of who I was and what I really wanted to doonly focused on what others wanted for me.

It’s been quite an adventure since that day. From entering nursing school to leaving so I could major in English, I never imagined the decisions I would make and the things I would learn during my college years. Looking back on it now, it’s truly amazing how much progress I’ve made in these past four years.

My time at FIU has been particularly formative in all aspects of my academic studies and most especially, personal development.

Those who’ve met me know that I am naturally a quiet, introverted person, and it’s hard to come out of my shell sometimes.

When I began attending FIU in my junior year, however, I wanted to break out of the constant cycle of just going to school and coming back home every week. I wanted to meet passionate and talented people, make new memories, and find my voice.

Through joining FIU Student Media, I was able to accomplish all of these goals and so much more. I became a part of an extraordinary team of writers and editors whose constant support helped build my self-confidence and skills.

Initially I was hired as a staff writer, but with encouragement from this wonderful team, I was able to eventually become a director, giving me the opportunity to lead others, make important decisions for the Opinion section, and even have a late-night paper designing session.

Through these experiences, I learned a very important lesson: never let yourself doubt your abilities and just follow your passions. Our passions and self-confidence will take us far in life.

Also, always surround yourself with positive and supportive people, who share your dreams and ambition. These are the kinds of lessons that I will keep with me always.

Now that my college years have come to a close, there’s a lingering bittersweet feeling as I begin the next chapter of my life and leave the team that has supported me these past two years.

I will miss my PantherNOW family very much, and want to thank everyone for all the laughter, smiles, and hard work put in for the paperI will never forget them.

Taking these moments and skills with me on my new adventure, I look optimistically towards the future and the person I will become.



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Caroline Lozano
Caroline Lozano is a senior pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English. She enjoys writing, reading, traveling, listening to music (especially The Beatles), attending cons, and watching movies/shows on Netflix. One of her goals is to become an accomplished writer of novels and short stories. Caroline is also fluent in Spanish.

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