New video released of FIU bridge collapse

Joshua Ceballos/News Director



A time-lapse video of the FIU pedestrian bridge was released showing crew workers performing work on the structure just before it collapsed, killing six individuals including FIU student Alexa Duran.


The above clip provided by Media Relations shows the pre-constructed bridge being moved into place over Southwest Eighth Street on Saturday, March 10. The bridge was made using”Accelerated Bridge Construction” methods, so the span of the structure was already made off site and simply placed overnight.

On Thursday March 15, the day of the collapse, workers were on top of the bridge tensioning parts of the structure moments before it fell. Those four workers can be seen in the video below on the bottom left of the screen.

The video also includes images of the bridge just after it fell, with cars trapped underneath as rescue crews rushed to the scene. This may be disturbing for some viewers.


These clips come just days after images were released revealing that the bridge supports had cracks that were much larger than previously disclosed. Despite early awareness of these cracks, it’s unclear as to why no action was taken to address them immediately.

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