Parking lot constructed outside Bayview housing

By: Nicole Stone/Assistant News Director


A new parking lot directly adjacent to Bayview student housing has made living and commuting  at the Biscayne Bay Campus a little easier.

The lot has 242 parking spaces, according to Parking & Transportation, where 200 of those spaces are reserved for Bayview’s residents. The lot will also include seven accessibility spaces, four electric vehicle spaces, five metered spaces, and a total of 20 spaces reserved for faculty and staff, Lissette Hernandez, assistant director of  Parking & Transportation said.

                                                   Electric vehicle spaces have charging ports for eco-friendly drivers



Parking, Sustainability & Transportation (PST) spoke about the plans for a new parking lot for residents at a communications meeting early this summer.

“It was really a convenience thing for our students. To come home at night, to be close to your residence, is obviously a convenience feature we thought was important for our students,” said PST Assistant Vice President Thomas Hartley.

Virtual permits will play a role in monitoring who parks in the lot, ensuring that only residents at Bayview are using the lot, Hartley said.

“Our residents are issued resident permission to park in that lot, and that ties back to the license plate. We have LPR systems – license plate recognition systems – on enforcement vehicles, so they’ll go through and snap pictures of plates. [It’s] the same way we enforce it on all campuses,” Hartley told Student Media.

The lot costed approximately $1.3 million, according to Hartley, and was completely funded by Parking & Transportation.

According to Hernandez, there are now a total of 1700 parking spots available at BBC with the inclusion of the Bayview lot.

Adding parking at BBC isn’t the only development Parking & Transportation has been working on. New “car count” systems like the ones seen at MMC that number available spaces are on the way as well, Hartley said.

                                    The lot provides spaces specifically for resident students living on campus at BBC

During fall semester, we’re implementing that to our larger commuter lots like Lot 3, Lot 9 and Lot 5, which is an important lot for overflow. We just want to use it to direct students to the closest available parking,” Hartley mentioned, “We’re just expanding what we have in our structured lots to our commuter lots and our garages.”

The new resident lot will not have the system for fall semester, however Hartley said that it’s in Parking & Transportation’s future plans.


Photos by Carmella Jimenez/PantherNOW

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