Football games foster social interactions

Rina Factor/ Contributing Writer

Between tailgates, packed bleachers and the game itself, football is a huge social scene.

College football games bring out fans of the sport as well as people who want to celebrate school spirit.

What is it about football games that breeds so much interaction between people?

Before the game, people host tailgates which are essentially parties where people bring food, drinks and music as a way to get excited.

Alcohol is often included, although it’s illegal for those under 21. Grilling meat and snacking on sports foods like nachos helps build up anticipation before the game.

If you attend a tailgate, it’s likely that you’ll meet new people either through mutual friends or just by being in a naturally social scene where people are enjoying themselves.

At Florida International University, we often have home games where we play against out of state teams.

Since FIU is a commuter school, the games are an excellent way to bring students to campus for a purpose other than academics.

Going to a game with friends is a great way to show support for our football team and get into the school spirit. It’s also a way to become engaged in the social element of school because the games bring students together in a social atmosphere.

You might be around students in class every day but the environment isn’t as social since people are in study mode. However, in a game, people are there to have fun.

The adrenaline of watching your team score and race up and down the field regardless of whether you’re a sports fan or not is an experience everyone should try at least once.


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