Buenos Aires is the “Little Paris” of South America

Melanie Arougueti/ Contributing Writer 

Hispanic heritage month starts Sept. 15. During this nationally recognized month, Hispanics around Miami are going to celebrate their diverse cultures.

Many Hispanic cultures are also rich with European influences. On the side of Argentina, there is a not-so-little city that resembles a very known city in France.

A common name for the city of Buenos Aires has been “Little Paris.” This cute nickname has been admired by tourists who have visited both.

The streets of this city take them back to Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Buenos Aires is known for many alluring places like Caminito, a street where one will find couples, beautifully dressed, dancing the Tango. They’ll also find similar older style architecture, like the famous Casa Rosada, the president’s office and mansion.

While Buenos Aires doesn’t have the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe, it does have a city life like Paris and resembles the busy streets one finds there.

To celebrate the diversity in culture of all Hispanics, one must find something romantic or magnificent in their own country, like Argentina, Cuba, Chile and all the other charming Hispanic countries.

Enjoying the next month of diversity, especially here in a city like Miami should be easy. Although it’s not Buenos Aires, students can still enjoy Noche Latina and Vicky’s bakery for some local Hispanic time.

Photo by Hernán Piñera on Flickr.


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