FIU Online professor talks expectations and flexibility in online classes

Victoria Abella/Contributing Writer

Whether students are traveling or working, the FIU Online program caters to student who need flexibility.

It offers a variety of degrees from undergraduate to graduate degrees, combined degrees, certificates and more. It’s even ranked No. 1 “in the world among master programs with emphasis on Human Resources,” according to the FIU Online rankings website.

But while online classes and in-person classes may differ, one thing that remains the same is the expectations, according to a professor.

“Everybody has a different pace,” said Deanne Butchey, a senior lecturer in the department of finance who teaches online courses. “Recognizing that, we’re giving them multiple tools for them to do well.”

FIU Online’s user-friendly interface on Canvas, the system students use to check out their classes, is accompanied by tools including textbooks, videos, Adobe Connect and Respondus StudyMate. Fully online students may also still participate in campus activities and organizations.

“Some just like to look at the textbook, to read the questions, and do the questions at the back of the textbook. Some want to use technology to practice similar concepts over and over again until they get the hang of it,” said Butchey. “Some will be able to pick up a concept right away and run with it, whereas others will need that extra additional practice. Doing it online gives them multiple paths for getting to the same end result.”

Though online classes are convenient and flexible, students need to remember to stay dedicated to their studies, Butchey said, and advises students to “familiarize themself with what is required.”

“I won’t say self directed learning, but you have to take ownership for your own learning,” said Butchey.

To learn more about FIU Online, visit or ask your advisor about available online classes.

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