Online resources should be embraced by students

With the advancement of modern technology, students have a greater opportunity to get the
most out of their college experience.

Online classes, YouTube tutorials and programs like Lynda make it possible for on-the-go
people to get an education without actually stepping foot into a university campus.

Although there’s often a lot of negativity surrounding the idea of getting an education from
home, this is actually a great way for school’s to reach a wider audience.

Not everyone has the privilege that many of us have.

We’re able to set apart chunks of time every semester to actively attend in-person lectures and connect with our professors and classmates on a personal basis.

We’re also able to be a part of extra-curricular activities, such as Student Media, and get a physical experience of what college life is like.

However, for those who live under different circumstances, learning shouldn’t be prohibited or limited.

Instead, they should be welcomed into our community with open arms and given the same
benefits and advantages that in-person students receive.

FIU has embraced the diversity of the world we live in and caters to those who want to learn, but can’t necessarily be here in person.

They offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees for a variety of majors such as
asian studies, hospitality management, women’s and gender studies, criminal justice and
forensic science.

In addition, the introduction of Lynda, which offers over 100,000 video tutorials in business,
technology, software, etc., has given FIU students a tremendous advantage.

This platform allows us to get a more in-depth explanation of subjects that are taught to us both in-person and online.

Many of these tutorials would otherwise cost us hundreds of dollars, a price many of us can’t afford to pay.

But, thanks to the University, they’re all completely free.

There are many other resources like Lynda out there, but it’s up to us to do the proper research and find out what they are.

Instead of sticking to the old-fashioned approach to education, students should open their
minds and give the online route a chance.

While it may not be for everyone, it’s impossible to know that you hate virtual learning if you
never try it.

Sure, it may take a great level of diligence to stay on top of assignments, but by challenging yourself you may actually develop some time-management and organizational habits
that will help you in the future.

Although it may be scary to envision a world where technology rules, it’s a reality that’s
becoming more and more apparent every day.

As students, we need to come to terms with it and embrace the possibilities that this new approach to education could bring.

Photo by Gabriel Beaudry on Unsplash.

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