Say no to supplements, but yes to lifestyle changes!

Uzi Darwiche/ Contributing Writer

Say no to diets; say yes to lifestyle changes!

I’ve struggled with weight loss all my life. By the spring of 2014, I was tired and frustrated.

I’d tried running miles and starving myself to no avail and my weight just wouldn’t come down. One day, I was approached by some very friendly individuals who informed me of a magical product that would answer all my problems, both health and financial.

I was sold and willing to try it, so I invested time and money into their detox, weight loss and fitness system.

It was a product that changed my life, but little did I know the ramifications it’d bring behind it.

After about five months of having started on the program, I had lost nearly 30 lbs.

I looked and felt amazing, and found myself active and more energetic every day.

Of course, I was drinking plenty of water, except for that one day.

I went for my routine daily run around the local park, running on one or two cups of water, a weight loss shake and about three hard boiled eggs.

I had forgotten their warning to drink plenty of water.

But that day I was feeling cocky, and I paid for it later that night when I passed out in my home, convulsing horrifically, according to my family who frantically called the paramedics.

They rushed me to the hospital where I would spend the next two or three days.

As it turned out, I was severely dehydrated and suffering from the effects brought on by the very same weight loss shakes I’d been drinking.

My doctor gave me a serious lecture about the dangers of weight loss supplements not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

But that was just the beginning.

For the first time in my life, I suffered from serious anxiety and panic attacks for a whole year. I had so much trouble falling asleep that not even sleeping pills helped me.

Years later, I’ve learned a healthy lesson the hard way.

I no longer have anxiety attacks, and I’m no longer relying on fancy weight loss products.

I simply eat healthier, drink plenty of water and get at least an hour’s worth of exercise every day.

The human body is a remarkable machine.

If left to its own devices and worked with patience and perseverance, one can achieve the maximum result desired.

For me, the study of eastern philosophies such as Bushido have truly enabled me to pursue a more balanced lifestyle.

They say too much of any good thing can be a bad thing.

That’s why I believe we should never lose ourselves to the extreme pressures of society.

We must first learn to embrace ourselves as we truly are.

Only then can we conquer our obstacles and achieve the goals we set for ourselves.


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