Students should take advantage of internship opportunities

Rina Factor/ Contributing Writer

The career fair is quickly approaching.

A variety of companies will be attending in industries ranging from government and marketing, to media, health and technology.

Internships are very important because they provide relevant work experience that helps build your resume.

They’re also a unique opportunity to explore different career paths that interest you.

Once you’re in the workforce you’ll have the ability to change jobs but you won’t have as much flexibility.

At a full time job, you generally have to give a notice if you decide to leave and then begin the search and application process.

However, with an internship you can use your summer, fall and spring semesters to apply for all kinds of internships in your field of choice.

As a computer science major, there are many industries I could go into.

Practically every field is pervaded by technology.

When looking for a job, I’m not merely seeking the position that’ll guarantee me the highest pay.

I’m also looking for a place where I can be happy.

Happiness and work connect in many ways.

The city, company culture and passion are only some things that play a part in satisfaction with one’s job.

An internship is a singular opportunity where you can determine whether different companies match these needs without being hindered by the responsibility that comes with graduating college.

In the technology industry many programmers have to work endless hours and take adderall to stay awake and complete their tasks.

With an internship you can get a deeper insight into a company’s work/life balance.

Some companies are known for their emphasis on this balance and have policies to help their employees find a healthy dynamic between your work and personal life.

You can also glean a better insight into a company’s culture with internships.

Every company has a website where they state their mission and values as well as what types of amenities they have for employees, whether it be a smoothie bar, yoga classes or free lunches.

Internships with companies like Google and Facebook pay a salary and cover all living expenses for their interns.

If you’re thinking of moving to another city in the future, an internship is the perfect way to test out the living conditions.


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