View from the Bay: Bayview RA discusses responsibilities

Rashawn Raysor/Contributing Writer

A secluded island, luxury style living for students and a tight-knit community. These are just a sample of the phrases that come to the mind of Harrell Taylor, an resident assistant at Bayview Housing on Biscayne Bay Campus, when he thinks about the Bayview community.  

A graduate student studying public administration with a concentration in community development, Taylor didn’t choose to live in Bayview at first. As the only housing available to graduate students, he had no other choice. But despite that, Taylor fell in love with living the bay life.

“I consider it luxury style living for students. I love the amenities, especially the access to the bay,” said Taylor.

When it comes to the mood and atmosphere in BBC and the Modesto Maidique Campus, Taylor said that there are definitely differences between the two. He, for instance, implies that there are difficulties to studying at the south campus.

“I try to go study in a secluded area,” said Taylor. “But that doesn’t exist at MMC.”

Having a large student body comes with its cons, according to Taylor, including lack of privacy and a sense of togetherness. For him, the small campus allows for more community among its attendees and residents.

“It’s much more of a community at BBC than it is at MMC. At MMC there’s so many people that I feel like sometimes student involvement gets lost. But here, at this campus, student involvement is huge,” said Taylor.

These differences extend to Taylor’s responsibilities as a R.A., which he said are more than those at MMC. Whereas a Bayview R.A.’s duties are marketing, real estate and policing residents. Taylor said MMC RA’s focus on student affairs, community building and residential life.

“It’s just two different perspectives basically,” said Taylor.

Despite its ups and downs, however, Taylor said the R.A. experience is great.

“Its ups are when you help residents truly transition into college as well as transition into the Bayview community. That’s always a blessing to see and to witness.” said Taylor. “The only downside to being an R.A. is being away from your own family.”

As for students living on-campus, Bayview encounters the same problems as any other on-campus residence such as roommate conflicts, according to Taylor.

“Some people are living with other for the first time. Some people are only just now entering college, they may be first generation student,” said Taylor. “So that’s really the only problem that I see as well as more residents engaging in activities.”

Taylor recommends students come to Bayview if they can afford it. Bayview offers three different housing options for students: studio, two bedroom/two bathroom and four bedroom/two bedroom. Rent, including amenities, for the differing floor plans range from $1.200 to almost $1,500, according to the Bayview website.

It may be pricey for some, said Taylor, but he believes it’s a great option for students.

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