Biscayne Bay campus is a continuous work in progress

Despite its underdevelopment, we believe our Biscayne Bay campus has potential. 

Conveniently located in North Miami, its wide acres need only new investments of capital and talents. Student opinion points consistently to the campus’s lack of “life,” course offerings, extracurricular activities, and maintenance. 

Honors students, for example, are required to complete “volunteer points” by attending lectures. But most events are held at the Modesto Maidique Campus, according to our columnist who is in the Honors College, so that those who live closer to the North Miami area are forced to drive or take the bus unnecessarily.

The breach between the BBC and MMC campuses is huge; yet we’re all part of the same university, pay the same tuition, and have the same basic goal: to get an education.

Even students who enjoy BBC’s laid-back ambience have become frustrated at the repetitiveness of some club meetings, and their complaints grow with the seemingly wasted resources and the unmet expectations; be it the outdated computers or the limited food options.

But we can take advantage of BBC’s incompleteness by addressing some of FIU’s general problems. One of our columnists shared the example of how FIU’s theatre program is in need of expansion and how BBC could play a role in it.  Improvements at BBC have already begun to happen with talks occurring to potentially merge the MMC and BBC Student Government Councils. New food options are also expected to arrive at BBC like a Chick- fil-a food truck, following the University’s new contract with food vendor Chartwells.

We hope this will help equalize the two campuses as much as possible. We also hope to see an increased police presence at BBC to help students feel safe, not just whenever incidents like the recent assault of two Mast@FIU high schools occur.

This partly means increasing the student population, which won’t happen until facilities are modernized, buildings repaired, and general options improved. It’s an interconnected task which will require vision, time and commitment.

Photo by Campus Life FIU Biscayne Bay Campus on Flickr

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  1. The BBC is not treated nor respected by the powers that be at FIU. The school, entrance dos not have a traffic light, nor a parking garage, and some of the outdoor recreation facilities need proper upkeep. Therefore, will the leadership at the BBC step up to the plate and make certain this campus is treated fairly and equally, or will it continue to spin downward????

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