BBC students doubt SGA merger effectiveness

By: Gerard Albert III/Assistant News Director


Students at the Biscayne Bay campus doubt the effectiveness and level of representation the merging of the Student Government councils will bring.

The merger was mandated by former vice president for Student Affairs Larry Lunsford last year, bringing the Student Government Councils at the Modesto Maidique and Biscayne Bay campus after the Spring 2019 elections.

The two seperate councils have operated separately since 1992, including campus specific president, vice president and senate.

Brian Levine, a graduate Hospitality student and Bayview resident, thinks the merge will limit the hands-on approach SGC-BBC takes towards student issues.

Levine told Student Media about how President Jefferson Noel helped him resolve a parking issue within a week of the compliant.

“It’s just about having those voices to advocate and help students directly,” said Levine.

Levine said that the atmospheres of the two campuses are different and need proper representation to ensure the needs of the BBC students, who he calls a ‘minority’ are met.

Joanne St. Louis, a secretary of Student Organizations Council, has issues with some of the changes proposed to the budgeting process, specifically audits of student organizations and entities directly funded by SGA through A&S fees.

“I feel like they are being a little bit too aggressive with it,”said St. Louis. “It shouldn’t be something they have to babysit us for.”

St. Louis also worries that the lack of understanding of the culture at BBC will cause students to be upset and disengaged with the campus. She fears students will not attend events put on by Student Government because they will not reflect their interests.

“There is some type of culture, some type of vibe that we have at BBC that might be affected if we do go ahead with the merge,” said St. Louis.

In committee meetings held over the 2018 Summer and Fall term, representatives from SGC-BBC and SGC-MMC, have been meeting with Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Anthony DeSantis to edit the university’s constitution. The constitution will now reflect the SGA structure post-merge.

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