New SGC-MMC president takes power

Photo courtesy of Sabrina Rosell

By: Joshua Ceballos/News Director


As of October 1, 2018 at 4 p.m., Sabrina Rosell is now the President of the Student Government Council at MMC.

Rosell, the former vice president of SGC-MMC, takes up the position after the official resignation of Jose Sirven, the former SGC-MMC president. Sirven resigned after he was accused of ethical violations in regards to a contract made between him and other SGA officials promising positions.

Rosell has begun moving forward in selecting a Vice President by opening up applications for VP and creating a committee made up of representatives from various Student Affairs councils to select from the pool of applicants. Some of the councils involved in the committee are the Black Student Union, Homecoming Council, and the Student Programming Council, among others.

The link to apply for the Vice President is here.

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