Students prepare to compete in Homecoming CROWN pageant

Anamaria Soler/Contributing Writer

An aspect of the whole homecoming experience is the picking of the Homecoming King and Queen, which is what the Homecoming CROWN pageant is all about finding.

The theme is inspired after The Wharf, a hotel located in Downtown Miami. The inspiration for the event is modeled after the aesthetic appeal of Wynwood and Brickell.

Eduardo Nieves, assistant director of administration, is one of the masters behind the event.

“[This] is an opportunity to highlight our student leaders that have dedicated time in running [as a part of our] homecoming tradition,” said Nieves.

Applications to compete began on Aug. 1. Students were required to submit an application and attend an interview with a homecoming official.

Applicants must be a part of at least one non-Greek involvement, a grade point average of 2.75 and be in good financial, judicial and academic standing with the University, according to the homecoming pageant guide.   

Court positions are dependent on the credit status of the competitor; freshman and sophomores can compete for Duke and Duchess, juniors for Prince and Princess and seniors for King and Queen, stated by the guide. All positions will be crowned at various homecoming events.

All participants are required to wear their sashes and crowns to all football games and homecoming events following their announcements.

Final contestants were announced on Sept. 7, and for the rest of the month contestants engage in promotional events until homecoming week.

After a selection process, participants are chosen to compete in four rounds, testing their knowledge on FIU trivia, traditions, issues and leadership experience.

Contestants are also required to participant in a talent portion.

People are encouraged to come dressed in Wynwood or hipster attire, said Nieves.

Homecoming is a week-long tradition where members of the FIU community are encouraged to celebrate the University. Homecoming events will begin on Saturday, Oct. 6 until Saturday Oct. 13.

The pageant will take place in the Graham Center Ballrooms in the Modesto Maidique campus on Monday Oct. 6, 2018.

For more information on the pageant and other homecoming events, visit the homecoming Instagram at @fiuhc.

Photo by Ashton Mullins on Unsplash.

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