Gallery: Global Indigenous Group holds week-long celebration

Participants of the Indigenous People's Day Celebration. Photo courtesy of Cesar Castillo/FIU Global Indigenous Group

By: Anna Radinsky/Assistant News Director


The University’s Global Indigenous Group hosted events throughout the week of Oct. 8 to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Week.

2018 was the first year that the Student Government Association recognized Indigenous People’s Day on Columbus Day.

The following contains a gallery of the events:


On Monday, Oct. 8, the Indigenous People’s Day Celebration occurred on the Graham Center lawn.

Tara Chadwick, a local dancer and activist, dances on the GC lawns. Chadwick focuses on ceremonies from Aztec traditions. (Photo by Cesar Castillo)

Left to right: Tara Chadwick, who has Indigenous heritage from Belize on her mother’s side, and Eden Jumper, a Seminole Tribe member. (Photo by Cesar Castillo)

A member of the Quechua people from Ecuador displays handmade arts and crafts. (Photo by Cesar Castillo)

On Wednesday, Oct. 10, the Kuyayky Foundation from the Andes in Peru held a cultural workshop on the erasure of Indigenous identities in the Americas.

Members of Kuyayky Foundation play a song for the audience. (Photo by Anna Radisnky)

On Thursday, Oct. 11, panelists led a discussion on the global challenges that Indigenous women face.

Maria-Luisa Veisaga, Quechua from Boliva and FIU Senior Lab Specialist Resracher; Bina Sengar, FIU Fulbright Faculty Fellow from India; and Betty Osceola, Miccosukee Tribal Member, speak to the audience. (Photo by Beulah Antoine)

On Friday, Oct. 12, Maalik Papasimbi, a grandson of traditional Haitian healers, led a cultural workshop on traditional Haitian Voudon, opposing the mainstream stigmatization of “Voodoo.”

Papasimbi speaks to audience. (Photo by Victoria Abella)

Papasimbi plays a drum, a Haitan Voudon symbol of healing and uplifting spirits. (Photo by Victoria Abella)


Photos by Anna Radinsky, Beulah Antoine, Victoria Abella/PantherNOW; Cesar Castillo/Global Indigenous Group

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