Hinds delivers “charismatic” performance

Megan Mosquera/Staff Writer

Hinds may be an obscure band, but they have managed to achieve international popularity and acclaim. Their concert on Wednesday, Oct. 10, proved that they deserve it. Through their dedication and love for the craft, they have built a fanbase that cherishes them as much as they cherish the fans.

The headliners did not disappoint. A local favourite, Haute Tension, played first. Watching them perform for the first time, I was shocked at how charismatic the lead singer’s voice was. With distinct surfer influences, they successfully mix it with psychedelic, hard rock and bongos.

Each song carried a radically different tone and captured a range of feelings that I don’t commonly see. The lead singer’s voice would show these differences as well by suddenly screaming or singing in a monotone lull. Because of how captivating, almost alarming, they were, it was difficult not to feel their impact.

Mustard Service played afterwards, and as the band selected to tour with Hinds, I was expecting a good show. While some might consider the band generic sleepy music, they hold a unique energy that was stronger in person. Their ability to entertain a crowd and give people something to dance about was incredible.

Mustard Service really brought everyone together and provided great music to dance to. The keyboard player stood out and added another layer of interest to each song. As successful artists from Miami, which they announced at the beginning of the concert, it was heartening to know they carried their roots with them.

I want to write this objective review without sounding like a love letter to Hinds, but it’s incredibly hard. Their sound carries so much charm and genuine sweetness. Their femininity emulates a sense of lovely, carefree softness. From their delicate indie rock style to their interesting accents, they overflow with charisma. At one point during the concert, they performed a small choreography which was received extremely well.

In the age of social media, music has become a lot more about carrying a persona rather than artistry, but Hinds is effortlessly able to do both. The personality they carry in songs is explored in another dimension on the stage. Each band member connects with one another and performs with an addictive, strong sense of self-assurance, and their audience interaction is soulful and friendly. Their personalities made seeing them in concert a more intimate experience that would have been emulated even in front of a million people.

If Hinds ever comes to Miami again, their show is one you won’t want to miss.

Photo courtesy of @hindsband on Twitter.

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