Pair of Greek quarterbacks fuel teams to victory

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By Xavier Holloway/Asst. Sports Director



FIU’s annual Intramural flag football league held their last playoff round Tuesday night at the WRC turf fields as a small crowd of spectators were able to witness great quarterback play from Sigma Chi newcomer Alexis Agrueda and Sigma Phi Epsilon President Mark Saavedra.

Both players led their teams to victory by accounting for and contributing to their teams’ total points scored by the use of their quick thinking and accurate passing.

Each threw three touchdown passes in their respective games to overcome their opponents.

“I was just thinking score a lot of touchdowns,” said Sigma Chi’s Alexis Agrueda.

As the considered “newbie” of the 163-year-old fraternity, Agrueda has been off to a great start already acclaiming his value in the league to his Greek brothers.

Sigma Chi lost three straight games to start the season before going on a winning streak and entering the playoffs to face Sigma Alpha Mu.

The contest would decide which team would go on to play in the championship game Tuesday, Oct. 23 in Riccardo Silva Stadium.

“We have a good group of guys,” said Agrueda. “In the beginning it was rocky, we lost a lot of games in the regular season, but we came out today, and the defense played good, the offense scored three touchdowns, and we got the win.”

Sigma Chi defeated Sigma Alpha Mu Tuesday night 20-6 and will face Sigma Phi Epsilon in the championship game which also features a team that has greatly benefited from stellar QB play.

Sigma Phi Epsilon has been impressive throughout, only suffering one loss early in the regular season. Saavedra, Epsilon president, and QB for the flag football team threw three touchdowns Tuesday night to defeat Theta Chi.

Saavedra’s leadership and example have helped pioneer the team’s winning streak and competitive play that got them to the championship.

“We’re all about being at the top in everything we do,” said Epsilon’s David Santamarino. “We lost the first game of the season, and since then we’ve played with a chip on our shoulders. Each game we’ve came out and ran up the scoreboard. And we’re still hungry.”

Sigma Phi Epsilon shutout Theta Chi 20-0, and will move on to play in the championship game against Sigma Chi on Tuesday, Oct 23, in Riccardo Silva Stadium. The game is set to begin at 6:15 p.m.

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