Trump stands with the troops

Jordan Coll/ Staff Writer

President Donald Trump has made it undeniably clear that he supports our military veterans.

“National defense is the most significant investment we can make in our military and our war fighters,” he said as he signed off The National Defense Authorization Act.

This act provides $717 billion in covering general defense expenses and includes a $616.9 billion for the Pentagon’s base budget.

You might ask yourself: is it worth every dollar spent?

Domestic security is one of the many political banners Trump strongly advocates for.

“We’re not going to take the risk when it comes to the safety of the American people no longer,” he also mentioned as he was signing off on the bill.

Public safety in my opinion should be on a President’s top priority list. Without citizens, how can a democracy surely exist?

This protection is offered through our veterans, who are willing to place their lives at the forefront of danger in pursuit of securing the safety of others.

The idea that men and women give their lives in service for this nation is humbling and a virtue worth taking into account.

As someone with a family member who served in the military during the war in Iraq, supporting veterans is something that comes close to home.

Former veteran James Franco believes efficient military equipment is something that should be looked into which he feels is not given the necessary attention needed.

With policies such as The National Defense Authorization Act, President Trump is performing his role as commander in chief. Responsible for signing off bills guaranteeing federal aid for retired troops is one of the many things he has vowed to change under his executive influence.

One thing is for sure. President Trump stands for the troops and intends on keeping it that way throughout his presidency.


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