Head of SGC-MMC Internal Affairs fired

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By: Gerard Albert III/Assistant News Director


Head of the Internal Affairs committee and Housing senator for Student Government Council at Modesto Maidique campus, Matthew Beck was removed from office Friday, Nov. 2 after student government advisors found he no longer lives on campus.

Living off campus nullifies his ability to serve as a housing senator according to Article 7 Section III (a) of the SGA constitution.

Beck has been the leading force behind investigating scandals throughout SGC-MMC, including the contract which led to resignations of a senator and president.

The decision was finalized in an email to Beck from Anthony DeSantis, assistant vice president of student affairs.

“I disagree with his interpretation on the issue at hand,” said Beck, who plans to meet with DeSantis to express his discontent about how the advisors handled the situation.

The administration should not be deciding this matter, instead, the student body should have the opportunity to express their rights and seek impeachment if unsatisfied with his job performance, according to Beck.

In an email sent to SGA advisors and Student Media, Beck described an “ultimatum” given to him by Toscano and Michelle Castro, associate director of campus life, to resign or be removed from his senator position.

We perform spot checks for members of SGA to make sure things like GPA and other things that affect eligibility, said Jose Toscano, director of Campus Life.

Beck announced his termination during the Internal affairs report in senate on Monday Oct. 29.

“Something interesting happened,” Beck began, “administration has asked me to resign as an alternative to being removed by the due processes outlined in the SGC-MMC statutes.”

Other senators asked about ways around Beck’s termination saying he has been doing a “great job” as chair of the internal affairs committee.

Antonia Passalacqua, Senate Speaker, agreed that Beck has been doing a great job but that she needs to apply the same rules to everyone.

Senators had mixed feelings about the possibility of drafting a bill that would allow Beck to stay in office but live off campus.

There are other positions in senate or cabinet he could fill they said, but agreed they would be doing housing students a disservice by allowing him to stay in office.  

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  1. Dominic Herrera | November 6, 2018 at 10:43 AM | Reply

    Justice for Matt Beck

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