Gallery: Basketball tournament donates to student veterans

Corey Slayton, an army veteran, and Cyrus Caines, a marine veteran, participated in Hoops for Heroes

By: Anna Radinsky/Assistant News Director


After playing for three hours in almost 90 degree weather, a charity basketball tournament raised over $500 for the University’s Veteran and Military Affair programs, according to Ana Lydia Gomez, one of the organizers for the event.

The charity basketball tournament, called Hoops for Heroes, occurred on Thursday, Oct. 25 from 12-3 p.m. in the Biscayne Bay Campus’s outdoor court.

Donations were made to play in the tournament. Participants donated $10 to participate in the 4×4 basketball tournament, $3 to participate in the 3-point contest , or $15 to have entry for the tournament, contest, food and drinks.

Donations were also made through GoFundMe, a social fundraising platform. As of Tuesday, Oct. 30, $260 was donated through the platform.

The tournament was organized as a community outreach project in Darrel Elmore’s Professional and Technical Writing class.

The BBC Wellness and Recreation Center donated Gatorade, granola bars, sunglasses, water, tables, a tent and a speaker as a prize, according to Gomez.

“The most important thing for me was that it was a team effort,” Gomez said. “I’m proud of everything that we were able to do and I’m proud of how much money we raised.”


Participants play in the 4×4 tournament.



Participants play in the 4×4 tournament.



Second place winners for the 4×4 tournament.


First place winners of the 4×4 tournament.


Cyrus Caines shoots for the 3-point contest.


Corey Slayton shoots for the 3-point contest.


Photos by Anna Radinsky/PantherNOW