A New Year is a chance to beat depression

Ossman Darwiche/ Staff Writer

We the people of Earth, were meant to be so much more, if we but free ourselves from our mental prison! And you who read my words, and I who write them, have practically limitless potential to create the worlds we would like to see! That’s right my friends, if we so choose, human beings have the potential to be gods!

In this new year of 2019, we live in an era of so many technological leaps and bounds, and yet so much untapped potential due to the fact so many remain trapped under the yoke of depression. My friends, read my words very carefully – it is time for each of us to find it within ourselves to break out of the depressing cage of yesteryear and embrace our destiny! Winter is passing, the spring is upon us, that is the spring of our lives.

For many college students, especially those of us at FIU, it is easy to find ourselves “struggling and juggling” between work and school, stuck at that 9-5 while attending class after class in an attempt to make something great of ourselves, meanwhile the debt keeps piling up. Well I have news for you my friend, You are already great!

You are a warrior! You were born gifted with talents and ideas, dreams of worlds which could yet become real if we just take the steps of bringing our dreams to life. You could make it happen because the power lies in your hands. Neither am I saying we should suddenly quit school, on the contrary, I’m saying that your continued pursuit of an education merely builds up the greatness you were already born with.

I have struggled with depression for many years now, but I am no longer afraid to admit it because I know I am not alone, and I want you to know that you are not alone either. Having sought counsel, and attempted several ways to channel the stress, both good and bad, I know it is never an easy task to break free. But I believe in a Power greater than myself which resides in me and because I am an offspring of that same power, I know it gives me faith and strength.

Some call that power God, others call it the Universe. I would describe it as a supreme and intelligent force, the same force that flows throughout the universe and is the same force which flows in you, that energy within us comes from same beautiful source from which all life and intelligence emanates. If you and I were indeed created in that divine image, then we cannot allow ourselves to be deceived by thoughts that we are anything less.

Neither am I saying that we are the end all and be all, far be it from me. For indeed the universe which surrounds us is vast and gloriously plentiful with galaxies and star clusters, many perhaps containing countless worlds full of all kinds of diverse forms of life in their own celestial orbits. We are not the center of the universe, but the mere thought that we are a tiny piece of the grand tapestry of the cosmos is enough to inspire me to write and to leave my own imprint upon the story of the universe.

For life itself is a story, I’m still writing my own. What about you? Will you join me in my epic quest as we march towards immortality? The choice is yours, but in the end, we are the very worlds we choose to create for ourselves.


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