Keep up those resolutions for once

Anamaria Soler/Staff Writer

The new year is upon us, and we all know what that means: time to plan out your resolutions for the year. Everybody does this every Jan. 1, but most of us don’t follow through with them and the task gets daunting. Have no fear, dear reader, I have some advice for you to help make 2019 the year of achieving your resolutions.

Firstly, when making a list of resolutions, start small and be realistic. Make goals you know you can keep. For example, if your goal is to lose weight – which is arguably the most common resolution –  you should start with baby steps like making plans to go to the gym a few times a week. Making those small steps will help you achieve your overall goal in a more practical manner.

Also, when making your list, don’t make it too long. Too many goals may overwhelm you, and you might not achieve all of them throughout the year. Focus instead on one specific, concrete goal. For example, if your resolution is to learn a new skill, find something that you are genuinely interested in learning and make that your focus. This will allow you to have motivation for achieving your goal, and motivation always is the key to success.

A good way to achieve your 2019 resolutions easier is to split them into monthly or weekly goals. For example, if your resolution is to read more, start by assigning yourself books that you think will interest you and give yourself a timeline. You could make it a goal to finish two books in the month of January, then aim for three in February and so on. Doing this will make achieving a resolution a less daunting task.

Lastly, you should share your resolutions with others. Yes, writing down your goals is important, but if nobody knows, it can get easy to forget about them. We as human beings thrive off of encouragement. If we have someone encouraging us to achieve our goals, we are most likely to go through with it since we risk letting down the people we told. Also, you can find people with the same goals as you, share your progress with them and motivate each other as a group.

These steps will allow you to complete your resolutions before it is time to see the ball drop for the start of another new year.

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash.

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