Getting physical at the MMC Wellness and Recreation Center

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The Wellness and Recreation Center at the Modesto Maidique Campus are no stranger to the sharp increase in attendance following the new year.

Maintaining the one of the most popular resolutions comes with many challenges, but trainers at the WRC-MMC are prepared to help.

“They set their initial goal as their long-term goal for the first time, so they don’t see any results right off the bat, so it’s hard for them to stick with it if they don’t see what they want because it’s too far-fetched for such a short time,” said Troy Moore, trainer at WRC-MMC.

While working at WRC-MMC, trainer Maya Harris helps train attendees who were starting their year off at the gym. While the influx of students at the gym is heaviest in January, it’s hard to keep attendance consistent, according to Moore.

One way to encourage newcomers to the gym is to establish SMART goals, which are “goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound,” said Harris. Both trainers ask their clients about what they want to achieve before creating their SMART goals and tailoring their workout routine.

“The free assessment that we do helps out a lot because what we do with them during a session is a combination of what they want to see and deficiencies that we spot out when they do the assessment,” said Moore.

While Harris and Moore see their clients at least twice a week, having consistency in the gym is also key in helping students achieve their goals, they said.

“The people that I see more than three times a week or the people that I see working out by themselves are the ones that show more results because they’re in the gym multiple times a week, so it makes sense that they’re gonna show results faster that only train two times a week,” said Moore.

For students who are just starting to go to the gym or have not exercised for a while, Moore suggested they do compound exercises, which involve exercising multiple joint and muscle groups at a time.

“Work your whole body, not just upper body or lower body. Of course, stability is important. Don’t forget about your back, that’s part of your core,” said Harris, who specializes in circuit training.

Setting smaller goals to achieve rather than long-term goals also provide a sense of satisfaction and motivation throughout the year, said Harris, who trains primarily in circuit training and flexibility training.

“I like to remind them what reasons that they chose to workout when they’re feeling down,” said Moore.

No journey is easy, and both trainers emphasize the importance of understanding that not every step of the journey is going to be pleasant.

“You have to also remind them that you’re not always going to like it. You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it,” said Harris.

Harris also tells her clients that staying fit extends beyond their gym; eating right, being active at home and self-motivation are just as important, she said.

“I’m only with you for one hour. You have 23 hours for yourself to determine how you’re going to be active,” said Moore.

Photo by Eduardo Merille from FIU on Flickr.

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