Living at Bayview is a double-edged sword.

Brea Jones/ Staff Writer

Living at Bayview has brought me a lot of good friends and memories that will stay with me for forever. But for me, there is a slight personal drawbacks of living on a small campus.

Imagine taking classes, living, and working all in one place. Seeing the same halls, the same faces, and the same everything everyday.

I told this to someone recently and they said that  “I just wanted something to complain about and that I should be grateful.”

I can see how it can seem like that but, I personally do not like living in a routine where every day begins to feel the same.

About 80 percent of the last year and a half of my life has spent on this campus.

I feel like I’m stuck in the “Spongebob” episode where Squidward went to live in Tentacle Acres. At first everything is great but when you get stuck doing the same thing it can become a drag.

I have been trying to figure out ways to shake this feeling. For myself and other students who feel may secretly feel the same as me, I would recommend we do what Squidward did.

You have to find that one thing that shakes up your daily life. Finding that one thing that can change you schedule really can make a big difference on your life.

As a “College Bucket List” of sorts, I have created a list of places that I want to visit with my friends while in Miami for college. Making memories and going to see new things. We are only one week into school and this is already working for me. 

If you are tired of seeing or doing the same thing the most obvious solution is to go or do something else. Once a week take a road trip, go to a museum, do something that allows you to have a new experience. Do something that takes your mind away from your responsibilities and worries.

I have found spending a hour or two away while being surrounded by positive vibes and friends cures what I have deemed the ‘The Squidward Disease.’

Spending 80 percent of my time on Biscayne Bay campus definitely has its perks. Being here has allowed me to gain a lot of friend and get my first real taste of adulthood. 

Part of that is learning how to adapt or adjust when you may feel stuck and uncomfortable in a situation. Some people are comfortable living in a routine while others, like me, have to take a break every so often and see something new.


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