Living on campus is a great opportunity

Jordan Coll/ Staff Writer

Living on campus is an opportunity for students to enhance their years in college to the fullest. Waking up knowing your classes are right next door is an experience worth living, if given the chance to.

Dorming opens up a whole new venue of options and location wise it’s convenient to those interested in attending any student activities occurring on campus.

Students who live on campus feel as if they are “a part of the FIU community” representing a legacy far greater than themselves. It’s more than just a classroom setting but it’s a way to prepare students in facing the reality of life.

Having a living-learning environment brings together students from distinct backgrounds fostering a greater meaning to what FIU really represents in terms of diversity.

With students living on campus meeting new people is quite the motivation, for instance rooming with someone teaches you few things about the person. They could either end up being the most unbearable person you have ever encountered or end up being the closest thing you have to a friend. It’s all one clustered learning experience, welcome to college!

For the most part dorming unintentionally teaches students how to live confidently on their own and brings meaning to the prime years of college. Having your own space is neat because you become the captain of your own sail expressing whatever you want within the dorm.

Better connections with peers and having easier access to campus facilities are all part of the benefits of campus living.

Personally I have friends who live on campus which say it “brings them much closer to all things FIU related” giving them an overall approach to a more relevant form of campus living.

This mix of academic rigor and independent living in my opinion weighs more with students who choose to live in a dorm than off campus. Recently moving out of my home I realized how challenging living on your own could really be taking into account small things I hadn’t considered before.

Working and at the same time making sure I took care of myself while balancing my academic efforts are things I have to juggle with on a daily basis. Making sure I distinguish between what I should set as a priority and simply just another item on the to do list.

Similarly students who dorm are offered amenities needed to take care of dealing with common things such as washing clothes or having a meal plan.

Overall residential life on campus is a great window for self growth and taking in all college has to truly offer.


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