One must live on campus for the full college experience

LaJayah Blain/ Staff Writer

Students all over the world dream of the one day they’ll pack their bags, leave their parents’ house, and take their first step into adulthood by moving away to college.  

But now that we are all actually college students we realize the story never actually pans out the way we expect. There are so many different stories to how we all ended up here.

Some were easy and some not so smooth sailing, but I think it’s safe to say that moving to college was definitely not the sweet transition all the movies set it out to be.

Since high school we’ve learned a few things. Our lives have definitely, for the most part, changed and we are now older and wiser and able to bust some of adolescent myths we told each other about the wonder of college.

So, is it true, Do you have to live on campus to get the full college experience? Coming from a student that has seen both ends of the tunnel I have to say the answer is no. This is a complete myth.

 Who said you have to live in an over priced room, with complete strangers, in a building where nothing ever works, to get the “full college experience.”

No one.

College is about campus life experiences. Your biggest college experiences are going to happen on campus, not within the four walls of your tiny shared living space. On campus events and opportunities are available to all students.

Not just to those who live on campus, though living on campus does make the accessibility to these events more convenient, it isn’t going to change your “college experience” if you had to drive to the event oppose to walking to it.

As a student who lives on campus I will say that living with roommates can be a pleasant experience, but it can also be a complete and utter hell. What we each have to remember is life is what you make it. Your college story is made up of what you put into it. For those students who live on campus you create your own “full college experience” and for the students who have to commute to campus you also can achieve this “full college experience” by making the most of your time in college.

There are other factors that should go into whether deciding to live on campus or not. Focus on those things first, then decided if residential life is the life for you. Let it be know now and forever that the idea that you have to live on campus to get the full college experience is a myth that has officially been busted.


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