FIU Alumni Tymell Murphy goes from Collegiate Basketball to International Pro

FIU Alumni Tymell Murphy (Left) was awarded MVP Honors by Stephan Marbury (Right) in Zhoushan, China in July 2018. Photo contributed by Tymell Murphy

Dalton Tevlin/Asst. Sports Director

New York native and University alumni Tymell Murphy fulfilled his life-long dream of playing professional basketball.  Student Media got the opportunity to have an interview with Murphy about his recent achievements following his graduation from FIU.

In 2012, Tymell Murphy enrolled in the University and joined the basketball team as one of the team’s forward players. Murphy played with the Panthers from 2012-2014 and scored 984 points during his basketball college career. Standing at 6’5, weighing 210 pounds, he was considered a force to be reckoned with during their games.  During Conference USA matches, Murphy was a dominant force with his athletic ability, hardwork, and basketball knowledge. Upon graduating in 2014, he was drafted into the NBA D-League, which is now known as the G-League. 

Since Murphy was a child, he always dreamed of playing in the NBA. After graduating from college and playing professionally in America, Murphy made a decision. He knew he had to play overseas to further his career.

“I didn’t want to sit around in the G-League, not doing anything, and waste an opportunity,” said Murphy to Student Media.“I knew I needed to be somewhere where I was actually doing something”.

When the chance to play overseas came, Murphy took the opportunity to play professionally in Asia. He played in Japan with their Kagoshima Rebnise team from 2016-2017 and since then has been playing in China.  Since starting his career in Asia, Murphy has made a name for himself.

While playing in a tournament in Zhoushan, China in July 2018, Murphy scored a total of 95 points for his team and not only did his team win the tournament, but Murphy was awarded MVP honors for his performance through the games. During the tournament, Murphy developed a very close relationship with former NBA player and Chinese basketball legend Stephon Marbury. Murphy used his time around Marbury to admire the adamant professionalism and business mindset of the Marbury to learn anything he could. 

“The thing I looked at Steph for was his business mind,” said Murphy.

As a left-handed shooter, Murphy tried to emulate the game of San Antonio Spurs legend Manu Ginobili. 

“I used to just look at any of the left-handed players to see what they did well and bring it to my game,” said Murphy.

He also praised the game styles of current NBA players OKC small forward Paul George and Rockets shooting guard James Harden. Yet for Murphy, there was only one basketball player who can be considered as the greatest basketball player to ever play: Michael Jordan. There is not a single player who is close to Jordan’s level of expertise, he said.

“[Michael] Jordan just had too many moments that he took advantage of and did great things,” said Murphy.

Despite being 28, Murphy’s ultimate goal is to eventually rejoin the NBA further along his career. 

“I’m going to keep doing my thing and when that NBA opportunity rings, I’ll be ready,” he said.

Feature image contributed by Tymell Murphy

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