The U.S-Mexico border wall is a terrible idea

Eliandro Ramirez Chang/ Contributing Writer

Times have changed, they share the same energy but not the same message. So what happened in the almost 30 years between the two quotes and presidencies? Are Americans less about unifying people and more about solidifying borders now? Perhaps it may seem so on the surface, but as everything in politics usually is, things are complicated. 

The purpose of the Berlin Wall was to prevent Western Ideology from entering and influencing a Soviet controlled East Germany. 

It also unofficially served the purpose of preventing the staggering amount of defections of East to West. 

The purpose of the proposed Trump US – Mexico border wall would be to prevent the entry of criminal Mexican citizens who may try to bring in illegal and harmful drugs and could potentially murder innocent US citizens. 

Or at least that’s the idea I get when trying to translate Trump-lish into English. 

The Trump administration wants outsiders out but doesn’t care about it’s citizens leaving. Distaste of outsiders seems to be the common theme, both for the “security” of their nation. Back in the Cold War, the Soviets had an unspoken purpose for their wall. 

Does the Trump administration have theirs? 

The Trump administration has had racist undertones since its inception. Everything from the first speech to Dave Duke of the Ku Klux Klan endorsing Trump. Please note this writer is not trying to stir up some conspiracy theories but the undertone does beg the question. 

Perhaps there is racial motivation behind Trump’s constant push for the border wall. And let’s not forget Trump also did have children snatched away from their parents creating a situation akin to East Berlin families not being able to unite with the West.  

Moving past that, something worth mentioning is the thought that maybe the push for a wall is politically motivated. 

Could Trump be re-elected for a second term if he fails to deliver the border wall? Whatever the reasoning may be, the clear shift in the Republican Party is an interesting question to pose.

Though, what about the wall itself? Regardless of the underlying Soviet parallels, is the wall itself a good idea? This writer’s answer is a solid “Nope.” And that’s because of tunnels. Refugees are already getting into the country through cartel- influenced tunnels . Erecting more walls is not going to solve the problem when you have tunnels being dug under those walls. 

I’m all for improvement of border security as long as it does not break the bank. The billions of dollars that would be wasted on more walls could be put towards education, mental health or other justifiable departments of government. 

Border security has always been important but the method this current administration is trying to employ just isn’t effective. No one wants cartel members crossing into the US, perhaps an emphasis on border security or different possible deterrents. 

I am reluctant to suggest the border fortifications; because the walls don’t seem to be the problem, the way they are getting around the walls seems to be at the heart of the issue. 

The more you sit back an analysis Trump and his possible reasonings behind the wall, the more it makes sense why the Democrats are unwilling to cave and fund his proposal. Trump seems more and more hard headed and childlike when you sit down and try to write an article on his buffoonery. 

Though at the very least the question of the importance of the border has been repeatedly asked. Perhaps when answered we will get to the next question. Hopefully that question will be less complicated to find a solution to, but I doubt it. 


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