EDITOR’S NOTE: Take the time to learn about domestic and international issues

Michelle Marchante Editor in Chief of FIU Student MediaMichelle Marchante/Editor-in-Chief

I love politics. The rush you get covering what’s happening in your government, whether it’s local, nationally or even internationally is like nothing else.

The only thing to match it is breaking news.

But, we know that as students, we sometimes get so consumed with school and our social life that we might not take the time to read international coverage. This is why this week’s pull-out magazine focuses on foreign policy.

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You should definitely check out our piece on the trade war the U.S. is currently facing with China, which can be found on page 7. You’ll also find pieces on the crisis plaguing Venezuela in pages 2, 7 and 8.

Our Opinion Director and me also battle it out in page 8 as to whether the border wall can be considered a domestic policy or a foreign policy.

In our regular section of the paper, you’ll find a new poll the University conducted on page 3 that shows how Cuban opinions have shifted by generation. We also have information on page 2 of the aid the University is providing furloughed government workers affected by the shutdown.

So, take a look and enjoy!


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Michelle Marchante
Michelle Marchante is the 2018-2019 Editor-in-Chief of PantherNOW. Majoring in broadcast journalism, she lives and breathes web, print, radio and TV news 24/7. You can connect with her on Twitter @TweetMichelleM

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