Campus Greek Life should want to do better

by Brea Jones/ Staff Writer

Over the years the constant troublemaking, partying and negative tendencies have caused a mass stereotype over Greek Life members. Unfortunately, some members end up becoming the stereotype and only tarnishing the name of Greek even more.

The letters that you represent should not be seen as a pass to do whatever you want. Students and alumni alike should want to be the best representative that they could be and stop letting the childish and problematic ways of a few to tarnish the image of all.

Last spring the actions of a few fraternities lead to a “Greek Life Pause” that was put into effect on January 1 2018. The pause affects all Greek life at FIU.

Junior Amos Louis is one of two active members of the Eta Sigma Chapter of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity here at FIU. He feels as though the pause impacted the fraternities that were innocent more than the guilty ones.

“I understand why it happened but we feel like there is an injustice to our frat. I wish the guilty frat were suspended instead of everyone being punished,” said Louis. “ I feel as though the pause really affected our membership, people don’t want to join because they think there will be problems.”

For the past few years, Greek Life and FIU administration have been at odds. The more restrictions and rules that FIU places on the fraternities, the more they tend to push back and act out harder.

It is important to remember not all of the Greek life members are this way. It’s just a few bad seeds that can ruin the fun for everyone.

In the future, not only do universities need to start punishing only the guilty, Greek Life members should as well. Instead of protecting and babying the ones who break the rules, they should be acknowledging the wrong doings and teach them to exemplify better behavior.

FIU should enforce stricter punishments for the individual students who break the rules and not punish all members of Greek. Doing this only upsets everyone and in the end nothing is really solved.

From the “Greek Pause” in spring 2018  to Greek life boycotting tailgates earlier this fall, I fear if the battle between Greeks and FIU administration continues it may lead to the end of Greek life here.

FIU may grow tired of having to do damage control when a few people break the rules.

The constant over controlling and strict rules from FIU administration will deter new members from pledging in the future.

There are a few ways this could play out and while things seem to be going smoothly, for now, there is no telling what may happen in the future. Greek Life here has to come together and show that they can be responsible.

“There are a lot of younger people in most frats,” said Louis. “We have to do better in educating the young members and teaching them how to be better.”

As people who are considered to be role models of the community, they must begin to work on their self-images. They have to learn from their mistakes in the past and gain work to gain the respect back.

The privileged, dangerously reckless, party boy stereotypes did not create themselves, once that is acknowledged, they can begin to work on a better version of themselves.

It is going to take time and consistent hard work and for Greek Life to repair their damaged image but it is definitely not something that is impossible to do.


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