Tau Sigma National Honor Society offers opportunities for transfer students

Maria Lago/Contributing Writer

From community service to professional development, the Tau Sigma National Honor Society wants to see its members succeed.

Tau Sigma is an academic organization that promotes with the mission to promote the excellence and involvement of transfer students at FIU.

Members of Tau Sigma must be transfer students that, in their first semester at FIU, have achieved a 3.5 GPA or higher and are enrolled full time. Students who fit into this category will receive an email inviting them to join; they must also complete a membership form and pay a $45 one-time membership fee.

Tau Sigma offers a wide variety of events for its members to get involved in. They hold monthly meetings, do social events, community service, collect and donate to women’s shelters, events such as Relay for Life, and work on career development.

Their biggest events, according to Tau Sigma President Daenne Dolce, are the professional development workshops – in which they take headshots of the participants, help them build their resume and other activities to prepare them for the job market – and the induction ceremony.

The Tau Sigma 2018-2019 executive board at the organization’s Spring 2019 induction ceremony. Photo courtesy of Daenne Dolce.

This year, Tau Sigma’s induction ceremony was the biggest in their history, with 412 members inducted. Dolce believes this is because the organization had partnered with Transfer and Transitions services, published their content on social media and attended multiple events.

“Their parents were very happy and proud,” said Dolce.

The next induction ceremony will be held this Fall semester.

President Daenne Dolce hopes to see from new members this year students that are involved and active in the organization and explore the different opportunities that the society offers. Dolce wants students to be successful academically and professionally, and the organization helps students prepare for both areas.

“There are challenges that you are able to tackle better when you go out in the real world because of this position [as a president],” said Dolce.

Dolce was an active member of Tau Sigma which later opened doors to leadership positions, becoming the former president of the organization.

Tau Sigma offers leadership conferences, which in 2018 was in Orlando, Florida. The conference is for all Tau Sigma members across the country, where guest speakers had presentations on how to enhance leadership skills. Students also had the opportunity to present as well, according to Dolce.

They also offer a scholarship every year to members of Tau Sigma. Members are eligible for over $75,000 of scholarships annually, and in 2017 students were awarded with a total of $2,500, according to their official website. The scholarship will depend on the involvement of each member, “service to community, engagement at the university, and continued academic excellence.” Applications are available at every Fall semester.

If you are interested about the organization, visit their website, transfer.fiu.edu/resources/tau-sigma/, at FIU Transfer and Transition Services for more information.

Featured photo courtesy of Samantha Hyman.

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