New York legalized full term murder

by Ashley Verdugo/Staff Writer

Pro-abortion Governor, Andrew Cuomo, signed a bill legalizing abortion up until birth by lethal injection.

New York legislation masked the pro-abortion bill by calling it the “Reproductive Health Act” which officially states that a non-doctor can perform an abortion for a woman up until the time of birth for the health of the mother.

The word “health” is as ambiguous as the devil is in the ambiguities.

The word “health” is purposely ambiguous and free to interpret.

The supreme court case Doe v Bolton defines “health” as “all factors-physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age– relevant to the well-being of the patient.”

Prior New York law already stated that a 3rd trimester abortion could be performed if a mother’s life was at risk. But the “Reproductive Health Act” is simply a cover up for legalized murder.

Currently in the state of New York the death penalty, including lethal injection, is illegal.

Let’s go through a list of crimes that will not earn you a lethal injection: rape, child abduction, child murder, serial murder and mass shooting. Yet, an innocent child can be a “choice” to murder.

If this doesn’t make you uncomfortable yet, here is the process: up until 42 weeks a mother has the “choice” on whether or not she wants to keep her baby for her “health”.

Remember the definition of “health” is now loosely defined.

If she decides not to keep the baby, a poisonous, lethal injection is then administered to the baby’s skull.

After 24 hours, the doctor checks to see if the baby remains alive. If it does, they continue to inject the baby until it dies. The mother then has to give birth to a dead corpse.

This makes no medical sense. In the end, the mother must still give birth. New York is celebrating this law as part of an advancement on women’s “healthcare” and a “woman’s right to choose”.

There is no right in our constitution that gives a woman the right to murder a fully formed, innocent life.

The only difference between a 9 month old baby in the womb and a 9 month old baby outside of the womb is the location.

The vaginal canal does not magically confer person-hood(Ben Shapiro). Fetal tissue is a human.

The “Reproductive Health Act” does not help women or give them a “choice”. It pressures women into thinking that abortion is the only choice.

Governor Cuomo is not doing any favors for the empowerment of women.

Governor Cuomo is undermining the power of women to raise their child despite their circumstances in life. He is undermining that every life is precious and has purpose.

Every single life is worth saving. Every single life is worth living. Every single human has a right to life.

The pro-life movement has work to do. New York’s law will not be in the books for long. We are the voice of the voiceless and we will not stand idly by.


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photo by Tessa Rampersad on Unsplash

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  1. What an absolute joke. Every life is worth saving huh? You said it 3 times. Yet I’m sure you think Palestinians deserve what’s happening to them funded by this country. I KNOW you don’t care about any of the homeless or drug addicts in this country or you’d be pushing for policy changes. The cold dead truth is that people like YOU have made it so we live in a society where life has no value because you only value one type of life.

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