Beta Breakdown grooves back into the ballroom

Melanie Rodriguez/Contributing Writer


For the first time in three years, Beta Theta Pi fraternity’s dance competition “Beta Breakdown” returned to the University on  Friday, Jan.18.

For this event, Beta Theta Pi partnered with Relay for Life, one of the fraternity’s two philanthropic association for the event, with all of the proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society.

Organizations formed dance teams and choreographed elaborate routines to perform onstage in front of a panel of judges. Each team is then judged on different criteria such as originality and execution. The event fosters competition among teams in both the dance and fundraising aspect.

“Cancer is something that impacts almost everybody. Either its impacted you personally or you know someone that has been impacted by it. It’s a really wide-reaching cause,” said Mateo Scotti, Beta Theta Pi’s philanthropic chair.

The event raised a remarkable $37,000 in benefit of the ACS to the delight of the fraternity whose ties to the cause are personal.

“Also, it [the connection] originally began because one of our brothers was personally affected by cancer, and he was the Philanthropic Chair at the time, so that is why we began partnering with them,” said Scotti.

In addition to the event’s philanthropic component, Beta Breakdown proved to be a moment of unity and support for the Greek community, according to Scotti.

“Beta wasn’t in the best position in the past year; we were suspended for a couple of months, so it really didn’t seem like an event like this could happen and be so successful as it was,” Scotti said. “It really surprised me that the Greek community could still come together and do such a big thing and support something as much as they did because I really didn’t expect it to happen.”

Although Beta Breakdown made its comeback at the Graham Center Ballrooms, they don’t plan on staying there for long. The organization is already looking to return the event to the arena where it took place years prior.

As philanthropic chair, Scotti is hopeful that the event will once again become a recurring tradition.

But the organization’s ambitious goals don’t stop there. Their next challenge? Surpass this year’s record $37,000 fundraiser collection.

Featured photo was taken from the Beta Theta Pi FIU Facebook.

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