Toro y Moi is moving in a new direction with his music

Megan Mosquera/Staff Writer

In his latest album “Outer Peace,” American artist Chaz Bear, aka Toro y Moi, reinvents his sound and creates new color within his music. An unmistakable amount of R&B, soul and funk influence is still used; however, he innovates how it is paired with synth.

Toro y Moi brings a refreshing new twist to his music with a dynamic atmosphere. There is a new bare feeling and clarity in his mixing. That said, the repetitive nature of his songs never feel tired and continue to have the same groovy touch.

Within the first song the difference from his previous album is made evident. The first track, “Fading,” starts with a fast-paced beat and a limited amount of elements. Each sound carries more significance since they are so much more distinct. It is also a lot more abstract and features unique melodies throughout. It creates an interesting power within each song that is incredibly attractive.

Many of the other tracks featured carry the same barren composition. That said, all songs have weight and feel complete.

“Freelance” is one of the funnest songs on this album and a personal favorite. It has a slow progression and feels the most like Daft Punk turned R&B. It holds some of his more traditional aspects like his computerized voice, but it’s so much more overblown than his previous release.

“Outer Peace” also has a new tone and it’s also conveyed in the messages of the songs. A motif found in this album is moving on and it parallels the albums change of style.

“Miss Me (feat. ABRA)” pairs her chilling and delicate voice with a soft background, emphasizing her voice in a beautiful way and creates a more impactful message. There is remorse about a discussed separation and finalizes with denial.

In “Ordinary Pleasure,” the speaker is tired of sex and wishes for more. In “Freelance,” he addresses his new sound more directly and then goes as far as to question who he is.

Toro y Moi uses his recognizable and colorful array of synth but in a whole new way. His chill vibe has become more colorful and focused, and the sound is much less muddled than before. Because of that, a lot of songs carry more impact and all together form a very enjoyable album. While “Outer Peace” is still a very relaxing album, he has gone in a new direction that brings out the best qualities in his music.

Photo by Forest Casey on Flickr.

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