Adopt a pet this Valentine’s day

by Jordan Coll/Staff Writer

Take a step back. Think for a moment and ask yourself “what is it I truly love the most.”

Maybe it could be pursuing that desired dream career or spending time with family and friends or just appreciating those quiet moments alone.

Surely everyone experiences a form of intense affection for something either knowingly or just find yourself still in the process of discovering what that might be.

With this month dedicated to celebrating the amorous wave of love, taking time to show how much we care for our loved ones is part of what Valentine’s Day is all about.

It’s no surprise we spend countless of dollars on getting the sweetest chocolates for the people we care about prompting us to express new levels of love with those closest to us.

But one could say that the greatest investment is not in sweets but rather in the lives of others particularly the life of a canine, “man’s best friend.” Taking a time to remedy the hearts of these neglected pets is an act of unfounded love that surely expands our own spectrum of love.

For those of you who don’t have dogs should probably go adopt one! The ones who own a dog or two know how closely they could ease their way into our hearts. Creating a healthy environment for them all strands from a steadfast source of love, it is undoubtedly a wake up call to the reality all abandoned pets undergo through.

Having that one on one relationship with your furry companion is unprecedented.

It’s when you take time you start to realize in the long run how they graciously accept this affection with the most humbling attitude. Maybe we could learn a thing or two with them.

Walking with your pal on the way to class or seeing them lose their minds as you walk in the door are memories worth cherishing. It’s fun to knowing that you can wake up with your furry companion next to you.

With Adopt a Pet, a program committed to finding proper homes for lost pets is an act of love. Taking these animals from almost unlivable home settings to placing them into a safe steady place where they could be taken care of is a beautiful to witness.

Miami-Dade animal shelters are removing adoption fees to ensure every pet has a solid chance in making it to the arms of a loving owner.

When we love we give and in this action we love. Animals under these programs are exposed to being emotionally neglected. Why not take advantage of this month and instead of buying sweets for yourself consider introducing a new member to your family.

Feeling almost shaky like these abandoned animals are often left to die from exposure, disease, or risks getting injured by other animals.

These zones are often referred to as “kill zones” which their chances of animal fatality is at a greater percentage yield because of the conditions they must survive under.

Just like humans animals deserve to be treated fairly and without having to fear if they will survive tomorrow.

Having had two rescue dogs and now taking care of three more it has been loving testament to see how far we’ve come with them.

In loving them we set a standard of love, even though they cannot verbally say it they feel if they could talk I wouldn’t doubt they’d say “thank you.”

During this time loving our pets or taking the time to adopting one is authentically portraying the power of influential love our actions in care taking for them has within their furry lives.


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photo by Laula & Co on Unsplash


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