BBC’s SGA Day evolves to a week

By: Patricia Menendez/Assistant News Director


From a barbecue at Bayview Student Living to a celebration of the Lunar New Year, SGA Week at the Biscayne Bay Campus offers interactive and informative events hosted by the members of the Student Government Council at BBC for University students and faculty members.

“After going through the fall semester and hearing the concerns that some students are having, we asked ourselves what can we do,” said Aaliyah Gordon, SGC-BBC director of events. “A week is good to hit points that students are concerned with. You can’t just get that in one day.”

SGA Week begins Monday, Feb.18 and ends on Friday, Feb. 22. This is the first time SGC-BBC hosts SGA Week, as opposed to SGA Day from last year.

Gordon said that free food will be offered at all events to those who attend.

On Monday, Feb. 18, there will be an information session on the different parts of SGC-BBC, such as the cabinet and the Senate. During this session, students can also find out the positions that will be open for next year’s elections.

“This is a chance for us to communicate with the students…to reach the students, hear their concerns and let them know about SGA in general,” Gordon said.

On Tuesday Feb. 19, the “No Limit Luncheon” will have a discussion including students with disabilities with different accessibility organizations in attendance .

Gordon said that with the luncheon SGC-BBC hopes that students without disabilities can be more attentive, aware and understanding of those with disabilities.

As a result of financial concerns that Gordon and other SGC-BBC members have received from students, on Wednesday, Feb. 20, a financial literacy workshop called “Wellness Warriors Workshop” will be held to help students with budgeting and other financial issues.

Thursday, Feb. 21 and Friday, Feb. 22 will offer an interactive setting between SGC-BBC members and students with the celebration of the Year of the Pig at the Culture Corner and a barbecue at the Bayview Pool.

BBC budget deliberations will also be taking place on Thursday, Feb. 21, which students and faculty are welcomed to attend.

“We hope to see a lot of students interacting. When they’re here we want them to be interactive with the campus and grab a little information they can use in the future or while they are here on the campus,” Gordon said.

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