Being a musician has changed my life

by Jordan Coll/Staff Writer

Music in its very definition is a science of art creating an order in sound, composition, and innovation of melodies.

The effect music has on mankind is an undeniable one. As a musician myself I have experienced a firsthand relationship between the instrument and the composer.

At an early age I began taking piano lessons not having any background knowledge in music, but taken these classes encouraged me to hone my skills as a pianist.

Starting in the practice sessions I would surely frustrate myself feeling I could keep up with my instructor it was no easy task.

In hearing my instructor and fellow peers play in class it empowered me to continue investing time in building a habit of learning to play the keys.

Music tells a story using the medium of rhythm and sound making it highly influential in tapping into the emotions of others.

Martin Luther once said, “music is the art of the prophets and the gift of God.”

When I describe music on with my own words I could simply say it is a “celestial language” a collection of sounds brought together to form profound and existing meaning.

On campus I believe the music program does share this vision in empowering our youth through the arts and take greater responsibility of the gift they have been given in their future careers.

Juts check your calendar. Mainly every week of this month we have had performances in theater such as “FIU Sings! Broadway in Love” or the “FIU Festival of Bands 2019” event at the Wertheim Performing Arts Center.

This comes to no surprise FIU School of Music strives to bring international students in creating performers, scholars, and music educators.

These are the students who long to express their musical gifts and leave a legacy behind. It’s this young vibrant nature of students that makes music so compelling to follow.

Barriers do not exist when it comes to music. Personally, I think music has saved me from dark caverns I’ve felt I had to face in moments of great uncertainty in my life.

Something happens when you just put those earphones on play a soundtrack you like or one that a friend recommended. It changes the way you perceive things or maybe encourages you to shift a new mode of thinking.

Music speaks to us in terms of another dimension and it produces within us the means in living a purposeful and meaningful existence.

At times I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have the keys to just guide me in shaky situations that I might be facing with. Music to me wanders in the miraculous, it can mark the very life of a person, music to me is overwhelming.


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Photo by Dolo Iglesias on Unsplash

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