Women of color feel discriminated against at work

by Jeffrey Steele/ Contributing Writer

Women of color are treated unfavorably in the workforce. They are subjected to a variety of stereotypes. Depending on the background they differ a little.

This is something that should be completely different especially in 2019.

Women of color have it harder. There is an emotional tax, where women of color are always on guard, and how they are also motivated to be top of their profession according to the Catalyst.

In this environment, the health and well-being of women of color are affected.

Women of color are also on guard. They feel as if they must outwork or outperform their colleagues.

Some frequently anticipate racial or ethnic bias, according to the article. Women of color aspire to be leaders and fulfill their intellectual potential.

I had the pleasure of interviewing a couple of young women to get their perspective on things like the sex/gender wage gap in order to see if they have felt overlooked due to their skin color in general for promotions and other benefits.

“I feel that the gender wage gap is very unfair, and people shouldn’t base pay off gender. If it’s the same position it should be the same pay,” said senior Briana Cousins, a Communications major.

“I feel I have never really been focused on the wage but the purpose of the work knowing that if I am doing my purpose that I will be paid in far more ways than currency,” said Monique Gibbs, a Human Services Administrator major at the University of Baltimore.

Briana stated that she has felt as if she has been overlooked due to her skin color but for Monique, she hasn’t had the same experience but says that people have felt intimidated by her due to her stature, education, and personality.

Both women generally felt as if they were skipped over for things such as a promotion. “They would use work-related issues as a ploy for how they felt personally towards an employee to get them out of a position and to bring who they wanted in,” stated Monique.

With this, we can see that women of color have it differently than everyone else. Not all women of color experience the same things but to a degree, it’s there. It is something that needs to stop, everyone should be treated the same.


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