A person’s nationality should not determine their value

Brea Jones/ Staff Writer

People have had preferences about their significant other from the beginning of time.        

How people communicate their preferences, however, tends to change every so often. One of the more current ways is the term “if it ain’t foreign, it’s borin.”

While the “it” of this phrase is subject to change, most of the time it is in reference to women. This saying is if the female is not from another country then she is basic or boring.

Repeated in songs, interviews and on a daily basis by well-known celebrities and influencers it wasn’t long before this phrase caught fire.

People blindly began to mimic their idols without regards to how unflattering the saying is.

Granted I do think this saying was intended to be a compliment to international women but when rappers like Kodak Black say this it’s actually a little confusing.

The meaning of the phrase seems pretty clear but it has never fully been outright explained.

When a person says this they are talking about the exotic nature of the person or object.

Implying that foreign objects are more beautiful and valuable than their American counterpart.   

Someone’s nationality should not determine their value.

Some may argue that this is just a goofy way of explaining a person’s preferences.

There is nothing wrong with having preferences but you don’t need to tear down another group of women while expressing them.

Sophomore Jada Booker is someone who personally does agree with the saying but can still feel how it can be offensive.

“ I feel like when most people say this it is only in reference to lighter women, said Booker. “ I feel like when people say this it is never in reference to Ethiopian or Caribbean women.”

While nationality is a part of who a person is, it is not all they are composed of.

There are a lot of other factors that should be considered.

This saying, or at least when it is in reference to people, should be retired.

There are other ways that someone can express their interest in someone of a different nationality.


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