BBC to host ‘beach party’ on Wolfe Day

FIU Diversity Day will feature speakers speaking on diverse topics at the Biscayne Bay Campus in the Wolfe University Center. Photo courtesy of Eduardo Merille/FIU Flickr

By: Imogen Francis/Staff Writer


On Thursday, March 28, the annual Wolfe Day celebration will be held at Biscayne Bay Campus from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for an opportunity for students and staff to come together and commemorate the University’s third president while having some fun.

Wolfe Day will be a day to honor Gregory B. Wolfe and will also include various activities for those in attendance, said TRAC Program manager at the Wolfe Center, Jennifer Cooper.

Students and staff can participate in a scavenger hunt, Jenga, giveaways, outdoor bowling and chess. There will also be trivia and history about Wolfe and his contributions to the University.

“It’s just to remind everybody about the legacy and the memory of Dr. Wolfe, and also for everybody to come out and have the opportunity to interact with one another,” said Cooper.

Wolfe, who died in 2015, was the president of the University from 1979 to 1986. During his tenure, he oversaw the University transition from a two-year college to a four-year university, added student housing and helped establish The College of Engineering and Computing, The College of Nursing & Health Sciences and the College of Communication and Journalism.

Each year, Wolfe Day has a theme. This year’s chosen theme is “beach party.”

The theme is selected by students who fill out a survey during the event, which determines what the following year’s theme will be.

“Overwhelmingly, last year’s survey pointed to that they wanted to do a beach theme and we feel that’s obviously very appropriate given our location,” said Cooper.

Along with the planned activities, Cooper said that departments and various student organizations will be tabling.

“The students will be able to learn a little bit about some of the departments and we have also invited some student groups to do some tabling so they can learn a little more about the student groups,” said Cooper.

Each year, the Wolfe Center plans this event with the help of Wellness and Recreation and Campus Life. This year, Panther Power, BBC’s spirit council, also participated in the preparation for the festivity. These groups have staff and students who sit on the planning committee and pitch ideas for the annual event, said Cooper.

Cooper let Student Media know that food will be provided at the event.

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