Spring Break is needed for academic functioning

Jordan Coll/ Staff Writer

Everyone needs those moments in life to just step away from the noise. To disconnect and just live beyond the books and the academic hassle college students go through. Spring break is the perfect excuse to just loosen up a little.

 For some, it could be spending their time on cracking open a new book they just haven’t found the time to read or catching up on that TV show your friend mentioned the other day. Whatever it might look like, just know you have the rest of the week to do it.

It’s right after midterms so you’re free from having to worry about pulling any all nighters for those brutal exams. With Miami being such an attractive sight for both international and local students, spring break leaves no one behind in calling out for the attention. 

“I think it’s the most vibrant week of the year,” said Alejandro Cifuentes, an international student who dorms here at the Modesto Maidique campus. Students just want to take this time to escape from the vicious cycle of routine. 

“Spring break is an excellent time to meet new people from different places, as a business major networking is key,” said Cifuentes. 

But we all know spring break can be a fertile ground for reckless behavior. With Miami being such a beachy hotspot, students are more than ready to dive right in. Where exactly do students go off to, especially those who are not locals?

Possibly some might go back to spend time with their families and others stick around to get a better taste of the so called “305 life.” The reality is students from all over the country come down to take advantage of the tropical climate Miami has to provide. 

Several sororities and fraternities take the time to host beach outings near places like Ocean Drive & Seventh  or at Lincoln Road. The parking is an unbearable sight to witness and students from a variety of colleges are just out to visit and meet new people. It’s quite the experience in finding people who can relate to the overnight studying, buying into the lattes and just trying to move forward in life.

We all know that the work, better known as the “grind,” will come rushing again, spiraling us into this madness again. How I see it, spring break is a huge academic load off from tasks at school and just orients me into putting stuff on my calendar labeled “free time” and just gather myself all over again.

It’s the vacation everyone expects to have and it’s well deserved in my opinion. Enjoy every last minute of it. We await in anticipation to leave our classes and head into spring break.


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