Spring Break should be more than a week

Jeffrey Steele/ Contributing Writer

There’s no such thing as spring break when you are a college student. It’s that time of year again when college students get a whole week off. 

Spring break was something that growing up we all looked forward to, a moment in which we finally got a chance to do something fun. The second half of the year was always so long because of the lack of days off. We all couldn’t wait for spring break.

 Spring break for many of us consisted of trips and seeing friends outside of school or even going to see family.

 As we got older for a lot of us, spring break changed drastically. Trips just stopped all together. Spring break just turned into a week home not really doing anything. For one thing, I sure got some much-needed rest.

So now, when I’m asked what I’m doing for spring break, my response is “What’s that?”

Spring break turned into a long weekend really. I watched more TV and movies and just ate all the snacks in the house. 

Spring break also meant projects and homework assignments. Teachers really give students work to do over a break like we don’t do enough work as is.

“Well to be quite frank, I particularly work during spring break so no I don’t get a real spring break,” said Andrea Lopez, a senior majoring in Broadcast Journalism. “I guess the older we get, the more “professional” our jobs are, and it includes us mostly working. Plus, this semester I actually have a project due the Monday of spring break.”

While we technically get a spring break, as I’ve grown older I’ve realized that the lines blur with different vacations.”

I feel like people used to look forward to spring break and make plans but now it’s as if it’s merely a few extra days to recoup from the tough semester,” said Shiv Taylor, a senior and broadcast media major. 

“Many people take summer classes so that also can take away from possible time to rest and make a plan.”

Spring break should probably be extended a bit. March and April are hard months for school and sometimes it feels as if spring break just comes and goes,” said Taylor.

For students, enjoying spring break to the fullest is still kind of hard. 

Most still think about the future assignments and quizzes that are assigned literally the class before the break and all that information goes in one ear and out the other.

Spring break will be here before you know it. 

Who knows you may get to go on a great vacation or you may not. I know I will be right here in Miami still getting up early to take myself to work.


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