Be careful when deciding to work in college

Jeffrey Steele/ Contributing Writer – Panther Now

Many students are paying out of pocket or just being independent and living on their own. Even if students live at home most still work, myself included.

Whatever the reason, it still seems to be a running theme. Working while going to school gives you a small taste into the real world and for some even help pick a major if you start out as an undecided freshman.

“I think it is worth it to have a job while studying because it can help you learn how to manage your time wisely. As a student that works on campus, I had to quickly make sure that on top of doing my job (as an office assistant), I must make sure that I excel in my classes. When I first started college, I thought that I just needed to focus on my studies before getting a solid job. But, I believe that most jobs in the ‘real’ world, you need to have some sort of experience to start, “said Chelsea Morell a Junior, studying Art education.

Working while in school helps with time management and other skills that are needed in life that you can’t get from the classroom. Going out into the workforce also helps you interact with different kinds of people.

“I work at an office in a therapy clinic and go to school full time, so basically I work because I need to, but if I had a choice to not work and focus solely on school I would prefer it. Juggling work and school is a little difficult for me because my job is in Doral and then I have to drive to BBC every day, I feel like work often gets in the way of school and extracurricular activities which always looks good on a resume,” said Karen Morales a senior and majoring in tv production.

        I myself sometimes wish I could just go to school and get more involved with school, but working has given me a sense of independence in earning my own money, paying for things without having to ask all the time.

In terms of what the best job is; there really isn’t one because most people work in the food industry or they work for someone they know.

My first job was tutoring, and I always tell people don’t do anything other than part-time unless you have to.

Working as a tutor can be a headache, but at least you’re home by 6:30-7 pm, giving one enough time to study, eat, and sleep.

Working while in college is a choice that a person must make for their own reasons. It has its pros and cons as everything does in life. Everyone needs to find out what works for them and figure out what really matters.


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