The time has come to sow the seeds for a global republic

Ossman Darwiche/Assistant Opinion Director

The time has not come, but now is the time to begin.

Humanity is not ready, but her enlightened children are prepared.

To lay the groundwork for a visionary undertaking, to sow the seed of hope for humanity’s future.

That seed, with time, will grow into a rich and vibrant tree, and will yield her succulent fruits in her proper season.

This tree of life, once sown by the founding mothers and fathers of antiquity, watered with the blood of countless pioneers of free thought, now grows in the hearts of men and women everywhere, ready to spring forth, and to become the well-watered garden we have always dreamed of, in our universal return to Eden.

The Republic, that noble idea once founded by Greco-Roman society, has long been tarnished by generations of kings and conquerors, dictators and tyrants who wield their supposed power over humanity.

Until we decided enough was enough, until the patriots of the American colonies dared rebel against the Crown.

Those fiery words etched into memorial, “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…” Those words rang out like a shot heard round the world, igniting the fires of liberty from sea to shining sea.

Though dark times traverse across our history, the Dream remains the same, one vision unites us all.

The founders of the United States did not intend for their concept to remain solely American, but to spread around the world and inspire other societies to cast off their oppressive regimes, and establish vibrant democratic societies founded upon the rule of people, with liberty and justice for all humanity.

The age of Nationalism is coming to an end, now let the age of one world arise, the age of The Republic.

As Benjamin Franklin said when asked what form of government had been penned into the US Constitution, “I have given you a Republic, if you can keep it.”

That Republic, evolving through each generation with various amendments must now graduate to perfection.

Let there be One Global Republic, a body of government much like our own, but on the global scale.

Let us beware not to erase national borders, that would be a mistake, for borders are not only political, they are our cultural markers.

Let each nation become a sovereign state under the representative government of a global body, that body divided among executive, legislative and judicial branches.

Let that body have a military, to enforce the protection of international human rights.

Logic dictates that we must consider basic human nature.

We are light, and dark, good and evil. And international laws along with all human rights are violated every day because there is no enforcing weight behind them.

Our generation is not ready, not now, but perhaps in two or three generations our descendants will be nourished by the fruits of the Republic.


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Photo by Ossman Darwiche/PantherNow

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